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5-Year CIHR Project Grant for Liver Fibrosis Research

🎉 Beyond excited and extremely grateful to receive my first 5-year CIHR/IRSC Project Grant! Ranked 2nd in the September 2023 Population Health-2 Competition! Thank you to all my brilliant co-applicants, especially Giada Sebastiani, my mentor and dear friend, who introduced me to MASLD while I was still a Ph.D. student!

Our grant is entitled, Liver Fibrosis: Leveraging Novel Statistical Methods to Determine Optimal Screening Strategies for People Living with Diabetes” 

CIHR Project Grant: 2024-2029

Using data from ICES we will determine optimal screening strategies for liver fibrosis for people living with diabetes! Thank you to Diabetes Canada, Fatty Liver Alliance, and the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) for supporting this application. And of course to the #cihr and the reviewers for selecting our project!

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