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CIHR Operating Grant for Syphilis Point-of-care testing

Thrilled to share that our latest syphilis point-of-care testing project, entitled “Breaking Barriers: Expanding Syphilis Point-of-care Testing and Immediate Treatment to Meet the Needs of Underserved Communities,” has been awarded a CIHR operating grant 🎉 With a score of 4.22 on Scientific Merit, we ranked 3rd in the competition!

Our project’s overarching goal is to improve access and reach to syphilis testing and immediate treatment for underserved populations living in non-urban and rural settings. We have brought together eight community organizations, five public health units (PHUs), and 11 researchers with substantive knowledge of infectious disease (syphilis and HIV) and harm reduction, qualitative and quantitative expertise in implementation science methodologies. Together, we will expand and evaluate our pilot project, which links “rapid POCT and immediate treatment” with existing outreach services offered by the PHUs through community- based organizations throughout Ontario. 

Profoundly grateful to my co-applicants for their invaluable contributions and collaboration: Hugh Guan, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Megan Carter, Colleen Davison, Sofia Friesen, Lucy Mackrell, Jorge Martinez, Patrick O’Byrne, Bradley Stoner, Vanessa Tran, and Gilles Charette. A heartfelt thank you to the PHUs and community organization collaborators who are integral to our efforts. And, thank you so much to CIHR and reviewers for selecting our project!

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